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July Box


Hoop Cheese

Hoop Cheese used to be something you could buy in any Southern general store. It's a cheese that was often sold in the same town it was made in, never traveling too far from its birthplace. This is because it's not aged very long, so it doesn't last forever like a wedge of hard grating cheese. 


The ‘hoop' refers to the shaping molds used in the cheese making process. The mild, slightly salty taste of hoop cheese makes it ideal for finishing cooked dishes or just simply snacking. 


Stripling's has been a mainstay of Georgia families for the past 45 years. Although today they primarily focus on their award-winning line of sausage, they still offer an authentic Hoop cheese, made by them in Wisconsin according to a traditional recipe.

Prairie Sunset

The idea for Prairie Sunset was born from the view of the beautiful Wisconsin sun slowly descending over the prairie, lighting the sky in rich ochre hues. It is a cheese embodying the color and soul of the American Heartland. Humble, friendly and reliable, this classic table cheese is an everyday favorite for both kids and adults.


Sweet, approachable flavors make this Wisconsin Original a versatile and lovable cheese for snacking, cooking and entertaining. Prairie Sunset is made with the heart of the Midwest and aged for 4+ months in the Roth cellars in Monroe, Wisconsin.


Pronounced HOO-stah-lee-pah or you-stoy-lay-PA, its name means "bread cheese" in Finnish. Juustoleipa has been produced for more than 200 years in northern Finland and Sweden, originally from reindeer milk! Our variety comes from Wisconsin. This cheese is unusual in that it is baked during the cheesemaking process. The heat from baking caramelizes the sugars on the outside of the cheese to form a tasty crust similar to brown bread. This cheese doesn't melt, but can be warmed (put in the microwave for 10 or 20 seconds until it glistens). It has a sweet flavor, especially toward its brown crust where it has been caramelized. We recommend it served as a dessert with honey or lingonberry jam. For an unusual treat, try it dipped in hot coffee!

Mezcal and Lime Pork Salami

Mezcal and Lime Pork Salami by Brooklyn Cured offers a punch of flavor and smokiness in delicious and unexpected ways. Mezcal is a distilled spirit from agave and is thought to be the more refined version of tequila. Brooklyn Cured adds Mezcal and fresh lime to their pork. The addition of fresh coriander and garlic complement the pork and harmonize with the smokiness of the Mezcal. 

Brooklyn Cured makes small-batch charcuterie using meat raised with no antibiotics from farms that they trust. Products and flavor profiles are inspired by the diverse culinary landscape and cultural history of the surrounding Brooklyn and city neighborhoods. 

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