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January Box

Our theme this month is Champagne, so we can all keep our New Year's Eve parties going!

La Champagne is a wine region situated in the North-East of France. It is a large agricultural area, known for its timeless natural beauty.


The name derives from the Latin 'campus', 'campania', or field. In Old French, this became 'Champaign'. Today, it's Champagne. From the very outset, the wines of Champagne were prized above all the vineyards of Europe. Over 24 million bottles are sold in the U.S. every year

* Every box will include a black slate board, for you to arrange a personalized cheese flight. Check out how we used them at a wedding brunch with our fruit paste!



Crémeux de Bourgogne

A creamy cheese from Burgundy, Crémeux de Bourgogne is a triple crème cheese with a bloomy rind. Best served at room temperature, le Crémeux is high in butterfat content, which makes it extremely rich + milky sweet. Look for the middle dense paste full of milky sweet flavor.

Country of origin: France

Region, town: Bourgogne, Gilly-lè Citeaux

Apple Cider Showmmmz

Made in a small village in France, this cave-aged cheese is washed in apple cider + ripened to perfection. Cider flavors pairs exceedingly well with Champagne thanks to high acidity and varying levels of dryness. 

Country of Origin: France

Il Forteto Boschetto Al Tartufo

Il Forteto Boschetto is about as amazing as cheese can get. Made with pure sheep's milk, this comes from a master cheesemaker in Il Forteto. The cheese, infused with the shavings of highly-prized, black truffle has a base that is warm and dry, with a salty flavor. Champagne is one of the most recommended by truffle experts to highlight the flavor of this type of truffle, because of its excellent structure + good intensity of aroma, which is intense and mineral.

Country of Origin: Italy

Region, town: Tuscany, Mugello

Supporting Cheeses 

~ Aged parmesan flakes, pairs wells with Champagne because of its extra strong + extra dry notes

~ Smoked Cheddar, marries with Champagne well because of the complex aromas of the wine and the equally complex aromas of this cheese

Served with locally grown honey



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