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January Box
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Thistle Hill Sage Derby Cheese

Derby is a yellow cheese with a firm texture similar to that of Cheddar. It is now less well-known than its colorful relative, Sage Derby. Ford Farm uses real dried sage in their Thistle Hill Sage Derby which lends a bright sage flavor to this unique cheese.

Ford farm is one of the few remaining traditional farmhouse cheddar makers in Dorchester, England. Ford Farm is a West Country Farmhouse Cheesemaker idyllically located in the rolling Dorset Downs, overlooking the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. They produce three quarters of the UK's volume of Tradional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar. For over 40 years, this tradition has continued using methods and recipes that date back many hundreds of years. They have recently begun producing other flavors of cheese, including Sage Derby under their Thistle Hill line of cheeses.

Deer Creek Moon Rabbit Cheese 

Deer Creek’s The MoonRabbit is a cured, sweet finish Cheddar, bathed it in Green Chartreuse liqueur. The Chartreuse adds a delicate herbal bouquet with hints of cloves, citrus, rosemary, and thyme that beautifully complements the cheese’s creaminess while imparting a light green hue. 

Deer Creek partners with some of the finest Master Cheese Makers in the state of Wisconsin in a collaboration effort by taking creative avant-garde ideas and blending them with the Master Cheese Makers skills that has honed over the years to create originals or revived classics from Wisconsin's dairy history.

Dorothea-Goat Gouda Cheese with Potato Skins

A limited production Dutch chevre created by the Van Dijk family, Dorothea, named after the Van Dijk's mother, was created at the request of the famous chef Cas Spijkars. Cas wanted to win the annual Dutch award for "Most Unusual Food" and thought that a flavored goat cheese might do the trick. They began experimenting with a secret ingredient - potato skins - chosen because the potato is an important food in Dutch culinary tradition. But Cas thought that initial efforts with the cheese/potato combination fell a little flat, so they kept working. Finally, after tweaking the recipe by adding some basil oil, coriander oil, and chopped onion, Cas and the Van Dijks had completed their masterpiece - and subsequently won the award!

Each wheel of Dorothea (only 4,000 are made per year) is pampered with the optimum aging conditions. Humidity and temperature are meticulously adjusted every few days to assure proper maturation. This wonderfully delicious cheese is made from pasteurized milk, but retains all of the taste for which goat's milk is famous. It is aged over 60 days to develop a full, nutty flavor and a body that is firm, but not hard enough to grate. Dorothea has an aroma reminiscent of the fresh outdoors and an unforgettable flavor

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